About this blog...

Welcome to the original Around the World in 80 Gays blog.

I have to say "the original," because there are a few dotted around the internet these days, I'm not surprised, it's a great name (merci monsieur Verne!). All these blogs have a coherent narrative, something like: 

"I'm gay and giving up my job and going around the world. I'm staying with 80 gays!"

They are all flashy formats and photographs and plug-ins. Good for them. I think that's great. Mine isn't like that at all. I like to focus on the words. This is my perspective on the weird and wonderful things that life can present.

This is life behind the smoke and mirrors.

Where to begin? 

There are certain things I find amusing about gay life. I am particularly intrigued by the obsession that many gay people have with commodity fetishism. So much so, that brand "gay," has become a 'lifestyle' and not a 'life'. 

I started this blog to showcase some of my poetry. Then, as I set off again on my travels, it became a sounding board  for opinions, observations and, well, Just STUFF really.

It's a collection of musings, humourous rants, poems and stories. Some of the content is explicit, and some of the content is pure parody.

The title itself is a pastiche of an obsession with "gayness." Yes. I am a homo. I do bring a little fabulousness to the world wherever I go. However, I do not have a "gay lifestyle," I have a "life." It is a quest for authenticity in an otherwise inauthentic world.


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